OZZIE ONLINE - FASHION SANTA: A MUSICAL Invention of Fashion Santa How Mean Boss Tried Steal Swagger's Original Brand

"Fashion Santa's Redemption"


A musical about the invention of fashion santa how a shopping mall boss as mean scrooge stole christmas by stealing the fashion santa brand from meek and mild paul mason  with dramatic ending song how after a court battle millions around the world hear about court case and rally around paul until conclusion he wins the brand name fashion santa and debuts in swagger magazine write a conclusion that you cant take swagger from fashion santa

Act 1:

Song 1: "The North Pole Hustle"

(Scene: Paul Mason, a meek and mild inventor at the North Pole, dreams of creating a new symbol for Christmas. The elves join him in a lively song as they craft the first Fashion Santa suit.)


In the North Pole where dreams are spun,

I've got an idea, a brand new one.

With style and grace, I'll make it cool,

A Fashion Santa for every Yule!

Elves (chorus):

Jingle jangle, sew and stitch,

Fashion Santa, scratch that itch.

He's the man, with flair and glee,

A Christmas icon, just wait and see!

Act 2:

Song 2: "Scrooge's Greed"

(Scene: Scrooge, the shopping mall boss, discovers Fashion Santa and sees an opportunity to exploit the brand for profit. He steals Paul's creation and launches his own Fashion Santa line, leaving Paul devastated.)


In my mall, I make the rules,

Christmas cheer is for the fools.

Fashion Santa, a cash machine,

I'll steal the brand, make it mean!

Ensemble (whispering):

He's a scoundrel, oh, what a plot,

Stole our Christmas, left us distraught.

But we'll rise, fight for our right,

To bring back joy on Christmas night.

Act 3:

Song 3: "Rally of the Santas"

(Scene: News of Scrooge's theft spreads worldwide, and people start rallying behind Paul. Santas from all corners join forces to reclaim the true spirit of Fashion Santa.)

Paul (with the Santas):

From the North to the South, and East to West,

We won't let Scrooge's greed be the best.

Fashion Santa, a symbol of grace,

Together we'll put him in his place!

Chorus (building):

Rally of the Santas, a festive fight,

For the brand we love, we'll unite.

Fashion Santa, we'll stand tall,

Together we'll win, or we'll fall.

Act 4:

Song 4: "Swagger Magazine"

(Scene: Paul wins the court battle, and Fashion Santa is officially reclaimed. Paul debuts in Swagger Magazine, showcasing the true meaning of the holiday season.)

Paul (with confidence):

In the courtroom, justice prevails,

Fashion Santa's ship never sails.

Now in Swagger, with style so grand,

The world sees Christmas take a stand.

Chorus (joyful):

Swagger Magazine, we made the cut,

Fashion Santa's back, no ifs or buts.

Scrooge is defeated, Christmas won,

In our hearts, the holiday's begun.


(Scene: Paul Mason reflects on the journey, surrounded by joyful Santas and supporters.)


You can't take swagger from Fashion Santa,

For Christmas joy, we'll forever banter.

In the spirit of giving, love, and cheer,

Fashion Santa's triumph, loud and clear!

Ensemble (final chorus):

Jingle jangle, sew and stitch,

Fashion Santa, scratch that itch.

In the spotlight, he'll always be,

A symbol of joy, for eternity!

Act 5: "The Triumph of Fashion Santa"

(Scene: The news of Paul's court victory spreads globally, capturing the hearts of people around the world. Social media is buzzing with support, and a movement to reclaim Fashion Santa gains momentum.)

Song 5: "Global Anthem"

(Chorus of Voices from Around the World)

In every town, on every street,

The world unites, won't face defeat.

From east to west, and shore to shore,

Fashion Santa, we adore!

(Verse 1)

News travels fast, on wings of hope,

Paul's triumph echoes, helps us cope.

A movement rises, hearts entwined,

For Fashion Santa, a symbol refined.


Global anthem, voices strong,

Together we sing, right the wrong.

Justice prevails, in unity,

Fashion Santa, forever free!

(Scene: The climax builds as people from all walks of life, dressed as Fashion Santas, gather in solidarity outside the courthouse. The air is filled with excitement and a sense of justice prevailing.)

Song 6: "Rally of the Hearts"


Rally of the hearts, a sea of red,

Fashion Santa, the world is led.

Through joy and love, we reclaim,

The spirit of Christmas, in his name.


In courtrooms and squares, a global cheer,

Fashion Santa, hold him dear.

No stolen brand, no greed can sever,

The bond we share, will last forever.

(Scene: Paul stands on the courthouse steps, surrounded by Santas and supporters, addressing the crowd.)


In every heart, the spirit glows,

Fashion Santa, triumph shows.

Together we stood, in unity,

Christmas joy, our shared decree.


You can't take swagger from Fashion Santa,

In every soul, the joy will plant a

Seed of love, forever grand,

Fashion Santa, across the land.

(Scene: The story concludes with Paul's debut in Swagger Magazine, showcasing the authentic Fashion Santa. The final scene is filled with joy, laughter, and a renewed sense of the true holiday spirit.)



You can't take swagger from Fashion Santa,

In the pages of Swagger, joy does chant a

Victory song, for all to see,

Fashion Santa, forever free.


Through the court battles, we found our way,

Fashion Santa, here to stay.

In every smile, in every glance,

You can't take swagger, it's our eternal dance